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WoodFyred 20 Classic

WoodFyred 20 Classic

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Elegant, Durable Finish and Commercial-grade Stone 

The WoodFyred Classic is a simple outdoor oven that engineers perfect pizzas and flatbread from wood, fire, steel, and stone.

Made with an upcycled 20-gallon, food-safe steel drum, it features a commercial-grade pizza stone that heats in minutes over a small wood fire. Natural convection cooks pizzas quickly and evenly while imparting just the right amount of melt, crisp, char, and chew.

The WoodFyred Classic features an elegant flat black heat-resistant powder coating that will withstand years of sustained use. It comes complete with an easy-to-assemble stand, natural red cedar legs, and a closing lid. All the parts fit inside the drum for easy transportation.

PLEASE NOTE: The WoodFyred oven is made with an upcycled steel drum and may present some dings and minor surface imperfections on the outside, bearing witness to its previous life in the industry.


• 20-gallon recycled steel drum (L 21.5” x Ø 18.6”)
• Cordierite baking stone (14" x 17-1/2" x 3/4")
• Stone height from ground: 32"
• Complete with steel stand, wooden legs, flue and closing lid. All parts fit inside the drum for easy transportation.
• Weight: about 50 lbs

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