• Good pizza. Good times.

    WoodFyred brings joy and flavor to backyards, campsites, and courtyards everywhere.

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  • Take it anywhere

    Rugged, portable, and easy to assemble, WoodFyred can go wherever the party is.

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  • Earth-friendly fabrication

    Upcycled steel drums find new life as WoodFyred ovens in our slow process workshop based in Burlington, Vermont.

  • Small wood, mighty fire

    Heat your WoodFyred oven to cheese-bubbling, crust-crisping temperatures in minutes using only kindling

  • More for less

    WoodFyred is committed to a low entry price without sacrificing cooking real estate or quality.

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  • Pizza power

    Conduction and convection join forces to deliver pizzas with the right amount of melt, crisp, char, and chew.

  • Delivery for only $3.99 in Chittenden County, Vermont

    WoodFyred is partnering with Myti, Vermont's unique local e-commerce platform. More info.